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Filo di nitinol superelastico Corda di nitinol Periodo di produzione: 5-7 giorni MOQ: 1 kg Modo: attorno all'asse Inoltre, se è richiesto un test, è possibile fornire campioni gratuiti. Se vuoi conoscere le conoscenze professionali o informarti prima sul prezzo del nitinol, ti preghiamo di contattarci.

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Superelastic nitinol wire Nitinol rope Production period: 5-7 days MOQ: 1kg Way: around the axis In addition, if testing is required, free samples can be provided. If you want to know professional knowledge or enquire about nitinol price first, please contact us.

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To understand the use of nitinol wire, we must first understand its characteristics, super-elasticity, shape memory characteristics and good biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, these are its main properties. So, what are its applications? According to the feedback and experience of our customers, there are mainly the following aspects: 1. Used for fishing line Due to the


Nitinol alloy is divided into two categories according to the morphology, one is Nitinol wire, and the other is Nitinol rope, produced according to astm f2063. Nitinol properties Please refer to the table below.   Alloy Chemical composition AF (Fully annealed) Min. elongation to failure [%] Max. Residual elongation after 6% strain [%] Main Applications