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We produce titanium electrode tubes for cathodic protection Item: MMO Titanium Tubular anode Size: 25*1*1000mm or other custom sizes Coating: Ruthenium-iridium coating or customized other coatings Service life: ≥20 years Tubular anode application: auxiliary anode for impressed current cathodic protection Other MMO Tubular anode size: φ25, φ30, φ32, φ50×1000/1200/1500mm Use environment: sea water, fresh water,

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There are many types of mmo titanium anode. Today, we mainly introduce mmo tubular anodes. The most common mmo tubular anode is suitable for cathodic protection. As a metal protection measure, cathodic protection technology is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection and anti-corrosion. Cathodic protection is divided into impressed current protection method and

mmo tubular titanium anode for cathodic protection regular size 25×1×1000mm

Any inquiry of mmo tubular titanium anode,please contact us: Titanium anode tube, also known as tubular anode or noble metal oxide titanium anode tube, is a metal oxide with electrocatalytic activity coated on a tubular titanium substrate. Titanium anode tubes are suitable for many environments, such as soil, fresh water, saline water and sea

How are mmo titanium anodes coated?—— HS METAL

Any question or inquiry of mmo titanium anodes coated,please contact us: (1) Coating the coating liquid, coating the coating liquid on the surface of the titanium substrate, usually by brush coating, but also by electrostatic spraying method, roller coating method, etc. (2) Bake, bake under infrared lamp or far-infrared lamp every time the coating

MMO Ruthenium Iridium Coated Titanium Electrode Plate

The ruthenium-iridium coating professionally developed by HS metal has stable performance, low energy consumption of chlorine evolution potential, uniform coating and long service life. Typical application: Industrial water treatment, seawater electrolysis, swimming pool disinfection, electrodialysis, chlor-alkali industry, electrolysis of chlorine, electrolysis of drinking water, food disinfection machines, etc. If you have any titanium anode inquiry,

MMO Titanium anode material for cathodic protection

There are generally 4 MMO titanium anode products for cathodic protection, including MMO titanium tubular anode, MMO titanium ribbon anode, mmo titanium mesh belt anode and MMO flexible cable anode. This article will introduce these 4 titanium anodes in detail. Any question and needs,please contact us: MMO titanium tubular anode MMO titanium strip anode

What are the characteristics of ruthenium coating titanium anodes?

Features: extremely high anti-corrosion performance; high current efficiency. Oxygen evolution overpotential ≤ 1.5v (relative to calomel electrode); long working life. High electrocatalytic oxidation activity; after the electrode loses its activity, the substrate can be reused; it can carry large current density and has high production efficiency. 1. Very high anti-corrosion performance. 2. High current efficiency.