MMO Titanium Electrodes

MMO Titanium Electrodes for Swimming Pool Disinfection

We manufacture all kinds of titanium electrode products with more than 20 years of experience in production and export, with a wide range of uses, including:swimming pool disinfection,cathodic protection,electrolysis industrial wastewater,descaling cooling tower,sodium hypochlorite generator,Cyclone Electrolysis,sterilizing electrolyzers,hydrometallurgy,electrochemical water treatment and so on. This article mainly introduces relevant information for swimming pool disinfection. For any related

MMO Titanium Electrodes Factory

We are committed to the production of MMO titanium electrodes, which are mainly used in water treatment, swimming pool disinfection, chlor-alkali industry, hydrogen water cups, disinfection instruments, cathodic protection, PEM water electrolysis, fuel cell etc. The coatings include ruthenium -iridium coating, ruthenium coating, iridium-tantalum coating, platinum For coating, etc., we have 20 years of production