mmo titanium anode

Mixed Metal Oxide Examples Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal

Mixed Metal Oxide Examples customized for customers Coatings include ruthenium-iridium coating and platinum coating. Customers will conduct separate tests to select the most suitable coating for bulk orders. Any inquiry of Mixed Metal Oxide Examples,please contact us: Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal Co.,Ltd Email: WhatsApp: 86 15034001015

mmo titanium anode for swimming pool disinfection

The principle of producing sodium hypochlorite by electrode method is to use non-diaphragm electrolysis to generate sodium hypochlorite through a homogeneous secondary chemical reaction. The anode works by electrolyzing sodium chloride (in tablet form) into the swimming pool. During electrolysis, sodium hypochlorite is formed. A suitable salt concentration is 2%-5%. Electrodes used in sodium hypochlorite

MMO Titanium Anode Used for Salt Chlorinators

Do you know Salt Chlorinators? Do you know what its core components are? Do you know MMO Titanium Anode? Do you know the relationship between Salt Chlorinators and MMO Titanium Anode? In fact, we (BAOJI HIGHSTAR TITANIUM METAL) are a professional manufacturer and exporter of titanium anode products. Our titanium anode products have a wide


Any inquiry of MMO Titanium Anode,please contact us: MMO Titanium Anode Coated Titanium Anode Classification According to the gas evolution of the anode in the electrochemical reaction, the precipitation is called chlorine-evolving anode, such as ruthenium-coated titanium electrode; the oxygen-evolving anode is called oxygen-evolving anode, such as iridium-coated titanium electrode and platinum titanium mesh/plate.

Introduction of Titanium Electrode Plate for Electrolyzed Water Hydrogen Production Electrode HHO Hydrogen Oxygen Generator

Any inquiry of HHO hydrogen and oxygen generator titanium electrode, please contact us: Product Name: Electrode for Hydrogen and Oxygen Production by Electrolysis of Water, HHO Electrolysis Electrode Sheet Common specifications: 100-3000mm, can be customized according to customer needs Electrode color: black for mmo oxide coating, platinum gold for platinized electrodes, or silver platinum.

Impressed current cathodic protection auxiliary anode MMO Titanium anode

Any inquiry of MMO Titanium Mesh Belt Anode Oxide Mesh Belt Anode, please contact us. anber@bjhighstar. com Product Name: MMO Titanium Mesh Belt Anode Oxide Mesh Belt Anode Product specification: 0.635×6.35mm.0.9×12.7mm, can be customized according to customer needs Commodity use: Impressed current cathodic protection Material composition: titanium-based coated electrodes, welding parts, etc. The strip-shaped noble

MMO Titanium Anode Products Are In Production

The ruthenium-iridium-coated mmo titanium anode 2000pcs ordered by the customer is in production. Size: 100*50*1mm Quantity: 2000pcs Coating: Ruthenium-iridium coating Coating thickness: 8-10um The customer has purchased samples for testing before, and after the test is passed, the order is placed, and we hope that the customer will use it smoothly. Any inquiry of mmo

MMO Titanium Anode for Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

Titanium anode device for sodium hypochlorite generator is mainly used for bacteria-containing sewage treatment, electroplating cyanide-containing wastewater treatment, and can also be used for swimming pools, domestic drinking water, domestic sewage disinfection, food processing plant environment and tableware and drinking utensils in restaurants and public canteens disinfect. With the development of my country's construction, this

MMO Titanium Anode electrolytic disinfection technology applied to fruit and vegetable disinfection machine

Any inqury of MMO Titanium Anode for fruit and vegetable disinfection machine,please contact us: Electrolyzed water disinfection technology is based on electrocatalytic oxidation and hydroxyl radical theory. It generates hydroxyl radicals and strong oxidizing substances near the anode area through electrolysis of tap water, which can be divided into direct electrolysis reaction and indirect