MMO Titanium Anode Strip

MMO Titanium Anode Strip for Cathodic Protection | HS Metal

The noble metal oxide anode is composed of a titanium substrate (ASTMB 265 grade 1 titanium) covered with a layer of electrocatalytically active metal oxides (oxides of metals such as ruthenium, iridium, titanium, etc.). Main Properties of MMO titanium anode strip Has high chemical stability, even in low pH and chloride ion-containing environments; dimensionally stable;

MMO Titanium anode material for cathodic protection

There are generally 4 MMO titanium anode products for cathodic protection, including MMO titanium tubular anode, MMO titanium ribbon anode, mmo titanium mesh belt anode and MMO flexible cable anode. This article will introduce these 4 titanium anodes in detail. Any question and needs,please contact us: MMO titanium tubular anode MMO titanium strip anode