mixed metal oxide anode

How are mmo titanium anodes coated?—— HS METAL

Any question or inquiry of mmo titanium anodes coated,please contact us: anber@bjhighstar.com (1) Coating the coating liquid, coating the coating liquid on the surface of the titanium substrate, usually by brush coating, but also by electrostatic spraying method, roller coating method, etc. (2) Bake, bake under infrared lamp or far-infrared lamp every time the coating

Mixed Metal Oxide Electrode–Ruthenium Titanium Electrode

For any titanium electrode inquiry, please contact us: anber@bjhighstar.com Ruthenium iridium titanium electrode features: 1. High anti-corrosion performance, good inverted performance. 2. High current efficiency and extremely low energy consumption compared to graphite anodes. 3. Long working life, in the chlor-alkali industry, the service life is more than 8 years. 4. After the electrode is

What are the characteristics of ruthenium coating titanium anodes?

Features: extremely high anti-corrosion performance; high current efficiency. Oxygen evolution overpotential ≤ 1.5v (relative to calomel electrode); long working life. High electrocatalytic oxidation activity; after the electrode loses its activity, the substrate can be reused; it can carry large current density and has high production efficiency. 1. Very high anti-corrosion performance. 2. High current efficiency.