Electrolytic organic synthesis

Why is titanium used for electrodes?

Why is titanium used for electrodes? This is inseparable from the advantages of titanium itself. After years of factory production and research, it is found that compared with traditional graphite electrodes and lead-based alloy electrodes, the reasons for using titanium as electrodes are as follows: (1) The size of the titanium electrode is stable, and

What are the application areas of DSA coated titanium anodes?

The application fields of DSA coated titanium anodes include: chlor-alkali industry, chlorate production, hypochlorite production, perchlorate production, persulfate electrolysis, electrolytic organic synthesis, electrolytic extraction of non-ferrous metals, electrolytic silver catalyst production, Electrolytic method for manufacturing copper foil, electrolytic oxidation method for mercury recovery, water electrolysis, production of chlorine dioxide, hospital sewage treatment, electroplating plant cyanide-containing