Circulating water electrolysis descaling device

Electrochemical descaling device Circulating water electrolytic descaling device

Principle of circulating water treatment: Electrolysis is carried out through a special electrolysis descaling device. During the electrolysis process, heavy metal ions (including scale) in the water will adhere to the surface of the negative electrode (cathode) in the electrolysis tank of the electrolysis descaling system, thereby reducing the ion concentration. In the reaction area

Titanium anode for descaling cooling tower

Cooling tower circulating water electrolytic descaling machine-electrolytic descaling device Customized cooling tower descaling machine,Any needs,please contact us: Electrolytic descaling machine accessories: titanium mesh is coated with ruthenium iridium mixed oxide coating anode, and the outer scale collecting cylinder is made of titanium mesh cylinder. Product name: Circulating water electrolysis descaling device Electrolysis descaling algae