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Any inquiry of titanium anode,please contact us: Design custom sodium hypochlorite generator electrolytic cell sodium hypochlorite anode group The principle of electrolyzing salt water to produce sodium hypochlorite disinfection solution is to generate sodium hypochlorite solution by electrolyzing salt solution and seawater solution, which has been successfully used in many industries and fields. According

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Electrolyzed water disinfection method is a method of preparing acidic oxidation potential water as a disinfectant by electrolyzing low-concentration sodium chloride solution. The electrolytic anode plate is electrolyzed at a certain current density. On the anode side, chlorine evolution and oxygen evolution reactions mainly occur to obtain acid oxidation potential water, and its main components

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The core component of the sodium hypochlorite generator is the electrolytic cell. We currently mainly provide all electrolytic cells, but starting this year, we will also provide sodium hypochlorite generators with various yields. If you have any questions about titanium electrodes, please contact us: In the past two years, the market potential of disinfection