Cathodic protection

1000g/h Sodium hypochlorite generator titanium electrode spot finish!

1000g/h Sodium hypochlorite generator titanium electrode spot finish! Our Titanium Electrode Engineer loves to research new technologies, and he has been working on titanium anodes for cathodic protection, swimming pool disinfection, electroplating, sodium hypochlorite generators, various wastewater treatment solutions, and more. We know that MMO titanium anodes and DSA titanium anodes are needed in the

Why use titanium anode material for swimming pool disinfection?

Swimming is a set of recreation and fitness in one of the sports, healthy, comfortable, safe pool water quality will bring physical and mental enjoyment to swimmers. Since the human body in the pool water immersion process, inevitably produce a large amount of dirt and secretion, at the same time there will be a variety

Titanium anode assembly Custom ruthenium-iridium coating Ruthenium coating Iridium-tantalum coating

Any inquiry of titanium anode,please contact us: Design custom sodium hypochlorite generator electrolytic cell sodium hypochlorite anode group The principle of electrolyzing salt water to produce sodium hypochlorite disinfection solution is to generate sodium hypochlorite solution by electrolyzing salt solution and seawater solution, which has been successfully used in many industries and fields. According

MMO Titanium Anode Strip for Cathodic Protection | HS Metal

The noble metal oxide anode is composed of a titanium substrate (ASTMB 265 grade 1 titanium) covered with a layer of electrocatalytically active metal oxides (oxides of metals such as ruthenium, iridium, titanium, etc.). Main Properties of MMO titanium anode strip Has high chemical stability, even in low pH and chloride ion-containing environments; dimensionally stable;

Introduction of Two Commonly Used Titanium Electrodes for Cathodic Protection

For inquiries, please contact email: Titanium anodes for cathodic protection are commonly used in two shapes: 1. Titanium anode tube (as shown in the video, the general size is 25*1*1000mm) Tubular anode application: auxiliary anode for impressed current cathodic protection Tubular anode size: φ25, φ30, φ32, φ50×1000/1200/1500mm Use environment: sea water, fresh water, sand,

Do you know about cathodic protection titanium anode strip?

Product Name: cathodic protection titanium anode strip Product specifications: 6.35×0.635mm, 12.7×0.9mm, can be customized according to customer needs Commodity use: mmo auxiliary anode for impressed current cathodic protection Material composition: titanium-based coated electrodes, welding parts, etc. Use environment: A: Good sandy soil environment B: In the environment of chlorine evolution, oxygen evolution or a mixture

What are the application areas of DSA coated titanium anodes?

The application fields of DSA coated titanium anodes include: chlor-alkali industry, chlorate production, hypochlorite production, perchlorate production, persulfate electrolysis, electrolytic organic synthesis, electrolytic extraction of non-ferrous metals, electrolytic silver catalyst production, Electrolytic method for manufacturing copper foil, electrolytic oxidation method for mercury recovery, water electrolysis, production of chlorine dioxide, hospital sewage treatment, electroplating plant cyanide-containing

Do you know the MMO titanium anode tape used for cathodic protection?

MMO (precious metal oxide) anode belt (belt anode) is a layer of noble metal oxide with electrocatalytic activity coated on the surface of titanium substrate. It is usually used for the cathodic protection of ground storage tank bottom plate and reinforced concrete structure. Conductive tapes are laid vertically, and their intersections are spot-welded with a

Cathodic protection titanium anodes shipped

Our titanium anode for cathodic protection has been completed and shipped today Size: 25*1*1000mm Quantity: 100pcs Customer use: for cathodic protection Coating: The outer wall of the titanium tube is coated with ruthenium and iridium Coating thickness: 8-10um Of course, in addition to the tube, it can also provide a variety of shapes, generally including