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What is a titanium sheet ?

What is a titanium sheet ?At present, in the titanium industry, titanium sheet and titanium foil products are very popular. Generally speaking, they are divided into gr1, gr2, gr5, gr9 and other levels, but in comparison, the most popular grades are grade2 and Ti- 6al4v About gr2 titanium sheet introduction The gr2 titanium plate, also

Application of titanium alloys in marine warships

The use of titanium alloys on ships is very promising. This is related to the strength and toughness of the titanium alloy, and it is also corrosion resistance. Titanium in seawater is extremely stable, and it can basically be considered that the hull will not corrode, which can reduce maintenance costs and 2113 can be

Treatment of titanium alloy castings | BAOJI HIGHSTAR TITANIUM METAL

There are holes in the titanium castings, which seriously affect the strength plasticity and fatigue strength of the castings. In order to improve and improve the performance of titanium castings and ensure the reliability of titanium castings, the following various processing processes can be used: 1, hot isostatic pressing Hot isostatic pressing is to diffusely