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Electrocatalytic Titanium Electrode for Electrolysis Industrial Wastewater Ruthenium Iridium Tantalum Coated Anode Plate Processing

Electrolysis is not only an effective means to deal with high-concentration organic wastewater, but also an effective and low-cost method to deal with high-concentration ammonia nitrogen. to convert ammonia to nitrogen. Through the electrode reaction, during the electrolysis process, two processes of air flotation and flocculation are realized to remove organic matter and decolorize. Electrolysis

Mixed Metal Oxide Electrode–Ruthenium Titanium Electrode

For any titanium electrode inquiry, please contact us: Ruthenium iridium titanium electrode features: 1. High anti-corrosion performance, good inverted performance. 2. High current efficiency and extremely low energy consumption compared to graphite anodes. 3. Long working life, in the chlor-alkali industry, the service life is more than 8 years. 4. After the electrode is