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Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal’s ruthenium-coated titanium electrode is formed by coating the surface of a specially treated titanium substrate with a ruthenium-based precious metal compound, which is oxidized at high temperature. It can be fully or partially coated, and the number of coatings 14-22 times are subject to product usage requirements. The surface of the product is black and has the advantages of uniform coating, firm bonding, low chlorine evolution potential, long service life and high current efficiency. Mainly used in: water treatment, non-ferrous metal extraction of chloride system, seawater electrolysis, chlorate industry, production of sodium hypochlorite, etc.

Introduction of Electrocatalytic Ruthenium Iridium Titanium Mesh Anode Electrocatalytic Titanium Electrode for Treatment of Industrial Wastewater by Electrolysis ruthenium-coated titanium electrodes

Substrate: first grade pure titanium TA1

Working current range: <7500A/㎡

Working temperature: <65℃

Surface metal: RuO2+Ir O2+Ti O2

Ruthenium iridium content: 8-35g/㎡

Coating thickness: 8-10μm

Product shape: net, plate, tube, rod, etc.

Titanium anode Features

Use environment: PH value: 0-14

Instructions for use: To prevent scratches by hard objects, take it out of the electrolytic cell when it is stopped, rinse the surface with clean water, and store it dry. The higher the current, the shorter the service life, and using it in a solution containing fluoride ions will quickly damage the electrode.

Ruthenium iridium titanium electrode sheet

Any inquiry of ruthenium-coated titanium electrodes, please contact us: