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Seawater and brackish water desalination can desalinate brackish water with a salt content of up to 60g/L into drinking water, solving the drinking water problem in desert areas.

Electrodialysis desalinators are widely used in food, light industry and other industries to produce pure water; electronic, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries to produce high-purity water pretreatment; primary softening and desalination of boiler feed water; desalination of seawater into drinking water and certain chemical products. Desalination treatment, etc.

Electrode material is one of the key components of electrodialysis desalinator. This electrode material is required to be resistant to both oxidation and reduction, that is, it can be used as both an anode and a cathode. At present, the ideal electrode is a multi-component metal anode containing iridium, which can not only meet the requirements of electrode inversion, but also has low The overpotential is high, it has power saving performance, and the service life is longer than that of ordinary ruthenium-iridium-coated metal anodes.

The desalination titanium anodes produced by HS METAL are subjected to a pickling process for de-oxidation, high-speed operation of the electrolyte or reversed conditions of the electrodes. Electrolysis of seawater produces sodium hypochlorite that kills marine life and prevents algae growth on ship hulls and cooling water systems such as power plants/nuclear power plants.

Titanium-coated Ruthenium Anode Plate for ElectrodialysisRuthenium-iridium-coated titanium plate for electrolytic desalination
Electrodialysis desalinators are widely used in foodcoating Ruthenium Iridium Platinum

The seawater electrolyzer is equipped with a plate-type platinum group metal oxide-coated titanium anode, and the cathode is a titanium plate. The electrolytic cell voltage is less than 5.0V, the current efficiency is greater than 80%, and the power consumption is less than 4.0KW•h/Kg. In order to adapt to the above different situations and electrolyte conditions, the company has developed special and suitable titanium anodes for different situations. Its purpose is to achieve the result of improving the efficiency of the use of salt and prolonging the life of the anode.

Substrate: pure titanium TA1, TA2

Coating: ruthenium series, iridium series, platinum (selected according to the electrode operating environment and life requirements provided by customers)

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