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mmo titanium tube anode, also known as tubular anode or noble metal oxide titanium anode tube, is a metal oxide with electrocatalytic activity coated on a tubular titanium substrate.

It can be used in many fields, and it is suitable for many environments in cathodic protection, such as soil, fresh water, saline water and sea water. It is a promising product to replace high silicon cast iron anode in the current pipeline storage tank shallow buried anode and deep well anode cathodic protection , and its light weight, long service life, cost-effective.

UTR Cathode Protection Auxiliary φ25×1000mm Titanium Electrode Metal oxide titanium anode tube
Application areas:

※ Continuous horizontal ground bed, discontinuous horizontal ground bed, shallow buried vertical ground bed

※ Condensate tank, heat exchanger, water treatment equipment

※ Underground storage tanks, ground storage tanks, water storage tanks

※ Anticorrosion of ships, roads, bridges, building steel bodies, etc.

Titanium anode for cathodic protection

It can also be used in such aspects as: cathodic electrophoretic coating auxiliary anode tube, industrial electroplating insoluble auxiliary anode, electrochemical water treatment and so on.

And showed excellent performance, played an important role in improving product quality and cleaner production process.

Ruthenium-iridium-coated titanium anode tubes have high stability no matter in fresh water, sea water or soil, or in environments with very low pH values.

The most commonly used size is dia 25*1*1000mm

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