From the working principle point of view, the titanium anode rod/wire and the water heater liner form a circuit that uses tap water in the water heater as a conductive medium. When the current passes through the electrode, the Cl- in the tap water moves toward the metal oxide coated titanium anode wire as the anode, and is enriched near the anode. The Cl- concentration near the anode of the water heater as the cathode is greatly reduced, and the water heater is slowed down. The corrosion rate of the liner greatly extends the service life of the water heater liner.

In the water heater, due to the presence of some microorganisms, these microorganisms will produce odor during the growth and reproduction process. A titanium anode rod is added to the water heater to cause an electrolysis water reaction. In the electrolysis process, water is electrolyzed to form hydroxyl groups, free oxygen and a small amount of ozone. These substances have strong oxidizing properties, can be sterilized, remove the odor in the water heater, and are free of replacement for life, and can be used as a selling point for water heaters to increase users. Experience.