When current is applied to the electrode, the following reactions occur in the electrolytic pre-descaling system (CAE):

(1) An alkaline environment (pH> 9.5) is formed near the inner wall of the cathode reaction chamber, and the inner wall acts as the cathode in the system. The diffusion layer adjacent to the wall of the reaction chamber disturbs the chemical balance of scale, and forms calcium carbonate which precipitates out of the water and adheres to the inner wall. Up to 30% of the scale in the water is precipitated and removed in advance. At the same time, the current of the cathode causes dissolved heavy metal ions to form oxide precipitates and sink to the bottom of the reaction chamber. At the same time, this strongly alkaline environment does not allow any microorganisms (including Legionella) to survive. However, the pH value in the entire system will not change, that is, the pH value at the inlet and outlet of the CAE reaction chamber is equal.

(2) Near the anode, up to 30% of chloride ions (commonly present in natural water bodies) are converted into free chlorine or hypochlorous acid (OCl-). The content of free chlorine is controllable and generally varies between 0.2 and 2 ppm. Such a content will not cause any corrosion danger to the water system while ensuring sufficient disinfection effect.

(3) Simultaneously generate oxygen radicals, ozone and hydrogen peroxide near the anode, these substances further strengthen the disinfection effect in the reaction chamber and the entire water system.

(4) + L electrolysis system is used to prevent calcium scale crystallization and silica precipitation. The + L electrolytic system is used in series with the CAE system to assist CAE in better promotion and more effective precipitation of silica in the water system and prevention of silica crystallization.

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