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We can produce many kinds of titanium electrode products, the following are some of our applications, please refer to them, if you also need titanium electrode products, please feel free to contact us, thank you.

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1.Fruit and vegetable disinfection electrolytic sheet Electrolysis water titanium electrode sheet Design and customize all kinds of hydroxyl electrode sheet

Titanium electrode sheet for fruit and vegetable sterilizerCan titanium be an anode?

2.Titanium anode tube (OD25*1*1000mm) for cathodic protection, also known as tubular anode or precious metal oxide titanium anode tube, is a layer of metal oxide with electrocatalytic activity over a tubular titanium substrate. Titanium anode tube is suitable for many environments, such as in soil, fresh water, saline water and seawater, and is a widely used product in shallow buried anodes for pipeline storage tanks and deep well anodes for cathodic protection, and it is light in weight, has a long service life and is cost-effective.

cathodic protection industry mmo tubular anode
3.MMO anode tape Titanium tape anode MMO titanium anode tape

cathodic protection industry Mixed Metal Oxide Anode Strip

4.Sodium hypochlorite generator electrolysis device custom-made electrolytic sodium chloride equipment with stable effective chlorine output

titanium anodemmo titanium anode material

5. Circulating water electrolytic descaling device Cooling tower scale absorber Electrochemical descaling instrument

The principle of electrolytic descaling Electrolysis Circulating Water Scale Remover Titanium Scale Collector

6. Wet metallurgy anode plate Customized titanium electrode with oxide coating for electrodeposition

Electrolysis water treatment mmo titanium anode (113)

7. Electrolytic seawater to chlorine titanium electrode Electrolytic brine to chlorine titanium ruthenium coated anode set

titanium anode product Iridium platinum oxide coated titanium anode

Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal produces this electrolytic chlorine titanium electrode set, which is made of titanium base coated with ruthenium-iridium precious metal mixed oxide coating, industrial pure titanium cathode plate, and welded electrode set. It is suitable for electrolytic chlorine equipment, sodium hypochlorite generator, new electrode scaling, compact and reasonable design structure, can make the solution fully electrolysis, and can disperse the stray current in the electrolysis process, stable and safe chlorine production.