Project Description

MaterialSizecoatingCoating thicknessTitanium substrateWorking lifeShape
Titanium anode plateSample 110*60*0.5mmRu-Ir4-6umGr15 yearsPlate
Titanium anode meshSample 110*60*0.5mmRu-Ir4-6umGr15 yearsmesh
Titanium anodeFeasible sizeRu-Ir4-6umGr15yearsAll
Titanium anodeFeasible sizeIr-ta4-6umGr15yearsAll
Titanium anodeFeasible sizePt0.5-1umGr18-10 yearsAll

Our titanium anode products:

a) Shape: plate, tube, net, rod, basket, component, etc.

b) Coating: ruthenium-iridium coating, iridium-tantalum coating, platinum coating, etc.

c) Working life: 5 years under the working current 1000-1500A / m2

d) Accelerated life: ≥120 hours

Our technical advantages:

a) The titanium anode base material uses gr1 high-quality titanium material to ensure that the anode surface is smooth, avoid scratches, and ensure stable performance of the titanium anode;

b) Our company has high-quality welding technology and precise processing technology, providing different customers with specific titanium anode processing products, and tailoring perfect titanium anode products according to customer drawings and needs;

c) Provide precious metal coatings of high-quality titanium anodes. After years of production and use experience, we continuously modulate and improve precious metal coatings. The feedback from customers is very good. Ir-Ta coating, Pt coated)

Application areas of our titanium anode products:

a) Provide titanium anode sheets and titanium anode components for water treatment companies that produce hypochlorous acid generators (they will install titanium anodes in the electrolytic cells of sodium hypochlorite generators);

b) Provide titanium anodes for wastewater treatment companies and sewage treatment companies;

c) Provide swimming pool companies with titanium anodes for swimming pool disinfection;

d) Used in chlor-alkali industry;

e) Widely used in non-ferrous metal industry such as nickel plating, gold plating, chrome plating, zinc plating, copper plating, etc .;

f) Used in the field of cathodic protection, mainly including: cathodic protection of underground metal structures, cathodic protection of ships, cathodic protection of seawater steel structures, cathodic protection of reinforced concrete of buildings, and cathodic protection of soil;

Our titanium anode capacity (within 24 hours):

a) Anode plates in maching workshop: 1000pcs

b) Anodes plates in pre-treatment workshope (surface treatment): 1000pcs

c) Anodes coating workshop: 1500pcs

d) Anodes shape corrected and cathode polishing process: 800 pcs

e) Anodes Assembly workshop: 220pcs

Titanium anode treatment process:

a) Treatment of titanium substrate; for the substrate, Gr1 titanium plate or titanium mesh for surface processing, cleaning and other surface treatment

b) Brushing; the main component of brushing is noble metal oxide. According to different requirements, we provide three metal coatings: Ru-Ir coating (MMO coating), Ir-Ta coating (MMO coating) and platinum coating; The brushing times of general metal oxides are 20-22 times;

c) Heat treatment; annealing treatment is a treatment that is performed after the brushed coating is dried. This process needs to be repeated multiple times in order to make the coating better adhere to the surface of the titanium substrate.

How to buy titanium anode:

a) Contact us by email (, send the size and specific requirements or drawings you need, we will calculate the price and duration, Minor order quantity (MOQ) is no limit.

(If you are not sure which coating to use, provide the parameters: electrolyte solution, current density, whether polar reversal, lifetime, requested sodium hypochlorite generating output)

b) Send you the official PI;

c) After payment, we will arrange the goods or production immediately;

d) Before delivery, we will send you pictures and tracking number

Note: If you do n’t know or want to know more about titanium anodes, I ’d be happy to discuss with you. 15034001015