The electrodes used in fuel cells must be porous, usually called gas diffusion (or gas porous)
The electrode so that the reaction gas enters the electrode from the back and the electrolyte penetrates to the front.

What is the material of the porous electrode?

At present, we can provide various materials of titanium sintered plates (porous materials)
It is mainly titanium, stainless steel, various high-temperature alloys, and the most demanded materials are titanium and stainless steel hollow materials.

So, how to realize porous electrodes?

Generally, the electrodes used in fuel cells are made of titanium sintered plates as titanium substrates, and the surface is treated with precious metals (platinum coating or ruthenium-iridium coating) after special treatment.

What size porous electrode do you need?

The maximum width of the titanium sintered plate we can produce is 310mm, and the length is arbitrary. At the same time, it can be processed into various forms according to requirements. At the same time, we can provide a variety of materials with precision and aperture. The following is the specific parameter information of titanium sintering and stainless steel sintering.

Porous electrode for fuel cell

Porous electrode for fuel cell

What does a porous electrode look like?

The following are two kinds of porous electrodes we produce, one is platinum-coated titanium sintering, the other is ruthenium-iridium-coated titanium foam.

Pt coating porous electrode

Porous electrode (3) Porous electrode

Pt coating porous electrode

PorouPorous electrode (1) Porous electrode (2)

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