The platinized titanium electrode has the advantages of high output current density, low loss, long life and light weight, and has been widely used. The specific application areas are summarized as follows:

1, cathodic protection
In order to prevent the hull, the dock steel pier, the bridge is attached by the oceanographic organisms, and is corroded by seawater, and the platinized titanium electrode is used to protect the object as a cathode for corrosion protection;
Successful application areas: corrosion protection of metal components in seawater, fresh water and soil
Cathodic protection of oil platforms, berths, ships, heat exchangers, seawater pipelines, seawater treatment and circulating water pumps
2. Electrochemical metal
Electrolytic copper, nickel, cobalt and other metal recycling
3, electroplating field
Au, Rh, Cu and Sn plating fields
4, the preparation of perchlorate
5. Extraction of precious metals by hydrometallurgical electrolysis
6. Preparation of sodium hypochlorite by seawater electrolysis
7. Preparation of ammonium persulfate by electrolysis
8. Methanol anode catalysis
9, chrome plating
10, electrolyzed water, prepared ionized water, high purity water Titanium anode mesh Ru-Ir Ir-Ta coated Platinum coating Baoji Highstar titanium Metal

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