Titanium anodes are widely used in the chemical industry, mainly including platinum-based titanium electrodes, tantalum-titanium electrodes, and tantalum-titanium electrodes.
The main introduction today is the platinum-based titanium anode.
It is well known that platinum group metals have higher electrocatalytic activation, and the surface platinum content is 99%. The platinum electrode is an oxygen evolution electrode for electrolyzing water to better generate hydrogen molecules, thereby achieving high concentration of hydrogen water. Up to 800ppm/min

When electrolyzed water is carried out, the electrode reaction formula is as follows. In the acidic solution, the cathodic reaction: 4H++4e=2H2∏=0V Anode reaction: 2H2O=4H++O2+4e ∏=1.23V In the alkaline solution, the cathodic reaction: 4H2O +4e=2H2+4OH ∏=-0.828 V Anodic reaction: 4OH-=2H2O+O2+4e ∏=0.401V

It can be seen from the above formula that the total reaction of water electrolysis in both acidic and alkaline solutions is as follows. The theoretical decomposition voltage of 2H2O=2H2+O2 water is independent of the pH value, and the selected electrode can be achieved. Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal
A better quality platinum system is recommended.
Development of hydrogen-rich water:
In Lourdes, France, Lakodi, Mexico, and Nordenau, Germany, there is a “miracle water” that cures many patients from all over the world and is called “sacred water” by the world. (After many scientific studies, the “Water of Miracles” was tested and concluded that whether it is the spring water of Lourdes, the well water of Tolacte, or the natural water of Nodna, they are not much bigger than ordinary water. The difference, but these waters have one thing in common, that is, they are rich in “active hydrogen”, active hydrogen can eliminate free radicals in the body, improve the disease. So far, the mystery of the miracle water for 150 years Finally unlocked). After understanding the principle of this magical “Holy Water”, Dr. Lin Xiuguang successfully developed a hydrogen water rod (hydrogen water treasure). China’s Second Military Medical University and Shanghai Medical University have studied the medical effects of hydrogen water and achieved satisfactory clinical results.

The magical effect of hydrogen-rich water

In 2008, the hydrogen water generator was granted a Japanese patent. It is essentially different from the tourmaline cup and negative ion alkaline water recently seen in the market. The hydrogen-rich water has more than all known vitamins A, C, E, green tea and other known human antioxidants, and the negative potential reaches a surprising -500mV. Elimination of human malignant reactive oxygen species (free radicals) is a powerful role in prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cancer, cerebral arteriosclerosis, diabetes, weight loss, improvement of women’s physiological cycle and menopausal symptoms, gastrointestinal circulation, constipation, and elimination of body toxins!

“Fu hydrogen” can produce hydrogen-rich water, “hydrogen-rich water”. Intake of hydrogen in the body neutralizes the body’s “healthy killer” oxygen free radicals, and finally produces water to exclude the body. Regular consumption of hydrogen-rich water can promote metabolism and keep each cell automatically in a normal state. As long as active hydrogen is used to scavenge reactive oxygen species produced in the body, it can cure all diseases.

Titanium platinum anode for other applications