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Titanium-based platinum plating process, the platinum coating has the characteristics of dense structure, bright silver-white appearance, high anode discharge current density and long service life. Compared with other titanium-based platinum coating processes, the titanium-based platinum coating process deposits a layer of pure platinum on the surface of titanium, while the titanium-based platinum coating process coats a layer of platinum-containing compounds on the titanium base. After high temperature sintering and other processes, a layer of platinum-containing oxide is formed on the surface of titanium.

Compared with other soluble electrodes and lead anodes, it has the following advantages:

1. Flexible and can meet various needs;
2. It can produce special-shaped anodes with complex shapes;
3. Light weight (especially the mesh anode);
4. In the case of high current density, it can also ensure a long service life;
5. The titanium structure is firm and does not deform;
6. The substrate can be reused to save costs;
7. The precipitation is uniform and the quality of the finished product is high.

Product shape: platinum-coated anode mesh, platinum-coated anode plate, platinum-coated electrode rod, platinum-coated wire and platinum-coated tubular electrode. The most commonly used is the mesh-shaped platinum-coated titanium anode.

MESH TITANIUM ANODE PT COATINGPlatinum plated anode meshplatinized electrode MESH
Mesh platinized titanium anode.Platinum coated titanium anode manufacturers (6)Platinum coated titanium anode manufacturers (10)
Platinum coated titanium anode manufacturers (19)Platinum electrode rodPlatinum Plated Anode Plate Platinum wire

Substrate: Titanium (Gr1, Gr2, TA1, TA2),
Current density: <8000 A/m2 (when the current density is higher than 75A/dm2 or fluorine-containing electrolyte is used, we recommend using niobium-based platinum-plated anode)
Production process: electroplating, brush plating
Coating Material: Platinum (99.99% purity)
Platinum layer thickness: 0.5-20 μm (standard platinum layer thickness is 0.5-10 μm, under higher requirements, the platinum layer thickness can reach 20 μm.)
Temperature: <80 ℃
PH value: 1-12
Technical features: The platinum layer is firmly combined with the titanium base substrate, the performance is stable, the current is high, and the voltage is low. It is used in precious metal plating tanks, and the plating layer is uniform.

Application areas: seawater, gold potassium + citric acid, horizontal electroplating, pulse electroplating, cathodic protection, acid and alkaline electroplating solutions, cathodic protection, water treatment, ionized water machine, electroplating, electrolytic smelting and other industries.

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