As a titanium anode manufacturer, we can produce a variety of coated titanium anode products, Platinum Coated, ruthenium-iridium coating, Ir-Ta coated, etc. Our titanium anode products are mainly used in wastewater treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and sodium hypochlorite generation Manufacturers, the products we introduce today are mainly Platinum Coated titanium anode.

Titanium anode shape classification

Platinumized Titanium Anode (2) Platinum Coated

Platinum titanium anode sheets are used for hydrogen-rich water cups and can be customized in size, we can mass produce

Platinum CoatedPlatinum Coated

Platinum COATING Titanium anode plate, using high-quality titanium plate as the substrate, laser cutting of the terminal part titanium anode mesh basket. The picture shows a platinum-coated titanium anode mesh basket, but we can also produce other shapes. We have laser cutting, wire cutting and machining centers, which can produce complex titanium anode products. If you have drawings, or have ideas, please contact us.

Platinum Coated titanium anode advantages

  •  The platinum and titanium anodes are dimensionally stable, and the voltage is stable during electrolysis, which will protect the electrodes;
  • The working voltage is low, so the power consumption is small, the power consumption can be saved, and the DC power consumption can be reduced by 10% to 20%.
  • The platinum titanium anode has a long working life, and is resistant to chlorine and alkali corrosion, which is longer than other precious metal coated titanium anodes;
  • Titanium anode is light in weight and can reduce labor intensity.

Platinum Coated — Why choose BAOJI HIGHSTAR TITANIUM METAL?

  • Anode plates in maching workshop: 1000pcs
  • Anodes plates in pre-treatment workshope (surface treatment): 1000pcs
  • Anodes coating workshop: 1500pcs
  • Anodes shape corrected and cathode polishing process: 800 pcs
  • Anodes Assembly workshop: 220pcs

How to buy titanium anode

  • Contact us by email (, send the size and specific requirements or drawings you need, we will calculate the price and duration, Minor order quantity (MOQ) is no limit.

(If you are not sure which coating to use, provide the parameters: electrolyte solution, current density, whether polar reversal, lifetime, requested sodium hypochlorite generating output)

  • Send you the official PI;
  • After payment, we will arrange the goods or production immediately;
  • Before delivery, we will send you pictures and tracking number

Any question,please feel free to contact us,thanks.