Super elastic nickel-titanium memory alloy rope: Twisted from 7 ultra-fine nickel-titanium wires, it has super elastic elasticity (not deformed when you knead), does not spread, horizontal straight (straightening), good plasticity, good flexibility And other characteristics, are commonly used high-end materials for fishing gear accessories.
Twist Right Interaction (RHRL)
Structure Double twist (multi-strand) 1 * 7
Nitinol memory product is a functional material. In addition to its high specific strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, non-magnetic, and good biocompatibility,
It also has peculiar shape memory properties and super elastic properties.
Product features: It has mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, has a certain memory function, can remember the shape at the phase transition temperature.
Physical properties of nickel-titanium alloy wire:
Tensile strength: ≥850 MPA
Yield strength: 195 ~ 690MPA
Elongation: 25 ~ 50%

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