What is the relationship between Nickel titanium alloy wire and nitinol wire? In fact, they are the same. They are different names of a product. The noun is nitinol, and the ingredients contain Nickel and titanium.

We have learned that many people need nickel titanium alloy wire to be used as fishing line. Nitinol has super elasticity in cold water due to its special properties, so nitinol has become a very popular material. Of course, nitinol rope ( Condensed from 7 filaments), maybe you call it nitinol strands, this doesn’t matter, it’s all a material.

In addition to being used as fishing lines, some are also used in medical equipment, high-end outdoor ropes, etc., which are very versatile.

The following are pictures of several specifications of our products. Please refer to it. If you need it or want more information, such as nickel titanium alloy price, please contact: anber@bjhighstar.com, thank you.

Dia 0.125mm nitinol memory wire

Dia 0.25mm nitinol memory wire

Dia 0.3mm nitinol memory wire

Dia 0.69(7*0.23mm)  nitinol memory rope

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