We produce titanium electrode tubes for cathodic protection

Item: MMO Titanium Tubular anode
Size: 25*1*1000mm or other custom sizes

mmo titanium anode (129)
Coating: Ruthenium-iridium coating or customized other coatings
Service life: ≥20 years

mmo tubular anode
Tubular anode application: auxiliary anode for impressed current cathodic protection

Other MMO Tubular anode size: φ25, φ30, φ32, φ50×1000/1200/1500mm

cathodic coating
Use environment: sea water, fresh water, sand, concrete, etc.
Design life: 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years, 70 years

Cathode Protection Auxiliary φ25×1000mm Titanium Electrode
Coating Type: Ruthenium Iridium Mixed Oxide, Iridium Tantalum Mixed Oxide
Cable type: There are commonly used cables, if there are special requirements, it can be customized in advance.

corrosion protection
Others: Tubular anodes can be purchased separately, or the required connecting cables can be welded and assembled directly, 2 to 3 anode strings

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