There are many types of mmo titanium anode. Today, we mainly introduce mmo tubular anodes.

The most common mmo tubular anode is suitable for cathodic protection. As a metal protection measure, cathodic protection technology is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection and anti-corrosion. Cathodic protection is divided into impressed current protection method and sacrificial anode protection method. Due to the rise of technological development and environmental requirements, the Impressed Current Protection Law has developed rapidly in developed countries at the end of the 20th century, and its research and development has been paid more and more attention, and the technology has become increasingly mature.

mmo tubular anode

Impressed current cathodic protection means that a cathodic current is applied to the protected metal through an external direct current to make it cathodic polarization.

In the past, sacrificial anode cathodic protection was generally used for the inner wall of the separator, but the temperature of the inner wall of the separator was high, the composition of the deposited water on the inner wall was complex, and the water quality may be acidic or alkaline. Therefore, the protection period of the sacrificial anode is short, and it is generally consumed in less than half a year. Sacrificial anode protection also exists protection dead angle. On the other hand, the cathodic protection potential of the sacrificial anode cannot be measured, the protection current cannot be adjusted, and the length of the protection period cannot be predicted.

UTR Cathode Protection Auxiliary φ25×1000mm Titanium Electrode

In order to overcome the short service life and uneven protection of the sacrificial anode cathodic protection method, Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal cooperated with some companies with strong scientific research strength to develop an impressed current cathodic protection method for the inner wall of the separator.

The number of anodes required is calculated according to the size and area of ​​each chamber, the composition and content of the electrolyte in the sewage, and the required protective current density. The titanium-based tubular mixed metal oxide anode is used as the auxiliary anode to be fixed at the bottom of the separator. A silver/silver chloride reference electrode or a high-purity zinc reference electrode is used on a support at a certain height in the aqueous phase. All cables in the tank are led out through special safety leak-proof joints, and then lead to the corresponding contacts of the potentiostat.

Impressed current cathodic protection using mixed metal oxide tubular anodes. Install 3 anodes of 25*700mm in each separator, and install 1-2 anodes in each cavity. The anodes are installed with brackets. The height of the brackets is greater than 300. The original fixing points in the separators are used, but the anodes and the separators must be guaranteed. body insulation. The reference electrode is mounted on the tank wall in the same way as the mixed metal oxide anode.

Metal oxide titanium anode tube

Common specifications of titanium anode tubes for mmo cathodic protection are as follows:
Titanium tube base material: ASTM 265 Gr1
Diameter 25mm
Common thickness: 1.0mm
Common length: 1000mm/1200mm/1500mm

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