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Electrode material for electrolysis water disinfection

Electrolyzed water disinfection technology depends to a certain extent on the selection of electrode materials. The hydroxyl radical is a very active substance and exists for a short time. Therefore, an electrode material that can produce this substance in large quantities should be selected.

In the process of research and development and cooperation with many customers, HS metal has tested several electrode materials, among which titanium-based ruthenium-iridium coating and titanium-plating anode perform better. Because the ruthenium-iridium mixed oxide coating has good electrocatalytic activity, it is coated on the surface of the titanium substrate after special processing, and has high electrolysis efficiency.

This method only needs to select electrodes with high electrocatalytic activity, the electrolyte is tap water, and the reaction conditions are low, which is suitable for daily household use.

1. Some technical parameters:

(1) Base material: industrial pure titanium plate, industrial pure titanium TA1\TA2/titanium mesh/shape specification can be customized (currently our company has many types, of course, we can also provide mold opening services)
The following are some types of electrolytic water disinfection electrode materials, if you need, please feel free to contact us:


mmo titanium anode for sodium hypochlorite generator Electrolytic Disinfector (1)mmo titanium anode for sodium hypochlorite generator Electrolytic Disinfector (2)mmo titanium anode for sodium hypochlorite generator Electrolytic Disinfector (3)
mmo titanium anode for sodium hypochlorite generator Electrolytic Disinfector (5)mmo titanium anode for sodium hypochlorite generator Electrolytic Disinfector (6)mmo titanium anode for sodium hypochlorite generator Electrolytic Disinfector (7)
mmo titanium anode for sodium hypochlorite generator Electrolytic Disinfector (8)mmo titanium anode for sodium hypochlorite generator Electrolytic Disinfector (10)

(2) Coating type: Ruthenium series precious metal mixed oxide coating
(3) Use voltage: according to different industrial designs and requirements, 1V, 2V-36V
(4) Service life: 2000-10000h and above
(5) Salt water concentration: 0.3%-0.5%, 2-5%, according to different disinfection places and product design, use different concentrations of sodium chloride solution

2. Other factors affecting the disinfection effect of electrolyzed water

In the electrolysis reaction, the selection of electrode materials, voltage, current, electrode spacing, reaction time, temperature, electrolyte, etc. are all factors that affect the disinfection effect.

3. Scope of application (electrolyzed water disinfection products):

(1) Electrolytic electrode sheet for fruit and vegetable sterilizer
(2) Electrolytic electrode sheets for disinfection of dishwashers
(3) Titanium oxide-coated electrolytic sheet for water electrolysis machine
(4) Disinfection electrodes for smart washing machines and smart toilets
(5) Electrolytic anode sheet for beauty and health instrument

Electrolytic water disinfection electrode sheet produced by HS metal adopts electrolysis method to generate strong oxidizing substances in the anode area, including hydroxyl radicals, hydroxide radicals, etc.; the electrocatalytic coating on the anode is electrolyzed with a small amount of residual chlorine in tap water The reaction will produce trace amounts of sodium hypochlorite and ozone, which are used for disinfection and avoid the production of nitrogen oxides.

The use characteristics of electrode sheets produced by HS metal:

(1) Using industrial pure titanium with good corrosion resistance as the substrate, coated with precious metal oxides with multiple formulations, with good electrocatalytic activity and corrosion resistance;
(2) Independent research and development, production, and after-sales service are guaranteed, and refurbishment and repainting are provided at any time;
(3) The anode performance is stable, the electrolysis efficiency is high, and resources are saved;
(4) Various conventional parts and special-shaped parts can be customized according to the actual working conditions of customers.

In addition, in addition to electrolyzed water disinfection tablets, we can also produce:

Sub-hydrogen cup platinized titanium electrode.

Electrode for hydrogen-rich water cup The platinum-titanium anode is a key component in the preparation of hydrogen-rich water, and the quality of the electrode directly affects the quality of the water. A good electrode can fully undergo electrochemical reaction, produce electrolyzed water rich in hydrogen molecules, and prolong the life of the substrate. Inferior electrodes, in the process of electrolysis, the electrochemical reaction is not sufficient, it is easy to make the electrolyzed water produce peculiar smell, resulting in undrinkability, which directly affects the quality of the cup.

How to choose electrode platinum titanium electrode for hydrogen-rich water cup?

1. Electrode materials with high electrocatalytic activity should be selected, and the hydrogen evolution effect is better.
2. Select a professional anode manufacturer to ensure the quality of the electrode.
3. When conditions permit, the sample of the electrode can be tested by a professional testing agency and a test report can be issued. If you have a laboratory and testing equipment, you can also test yourself.
4. Preliminary judgment, if the electrode surface coating is uneven, or the matte color is darker, and there is no metallic luster of platinum, it can be preliminarily judged that the platinum plating technology of the electrode needs to be tested or unqualified.

The following are common customized specifications for customers for reference:

1. Base material: TA1\TA2
2. Process: electroplating or brush plating
3. Thickness of platinum layer: 0.5μ—10μ
4. Use medium: normal temperature water such as mineral water or other drinking water
5. The shape and size can be customized.

The following are some platinized titanium electrodes, please refer to:

Electrode for hydrogen-rich water cup The platinum-titanium anodeElectrode material for electrolysis water disinfectionElectrolyzed water disinfection titanium electrode sheet
How to choose electrode platinum titanium electrode for hydrogen-rich water cuptitanium anodePlatinum titanium anode net www.bjhighstar.com (39)

Platinum group metals have high electrocatalytic activation. The platinum-titanium electrode produced by HS metal has a high surface platinum content. The platinum electrode is an oxygen-evolving electrode, which can better generate hydrogen ions in water electrolysis, so as to achieve high concentration of hydrogen ion water. The substrate is stable, corrosion-resistant, and has a long service life, which can prolong the service life of the cup body and increase the user experience.

When electrolyzing water, the electrode reaction formula is as follows:

In acidic solution:

Cathode reaction: 4H++4e=2H2∏=0V
Anode reaction: 2H2O =4H++O2+4e ∏=1.23V

In alkaline solution:

Cathodic reaction: 4H2O +4e=2H2+4OH ∏=-0.828V
Anode reaction: 4OH-=2H2O+O2+4e ∏=0.401V

It can be seen from the above formula that the overall reaction of water electrolysis is as follows, no matter in acidic or alkaline solution. The theoretical decomposition voltage of 2H2O=2H2+O2 water has nothing to do with the pH value, so it can be achieved by choosing a good electrode.

Hydrogen-rich water cup/hydrogen-rich water machine accessories Platinum titanium anode parameters:

Substrate material: TA1 titanium
Electrode column: TA1 titanium
Electrode column connection method: butt welding, spot welding or screw fixing
Coating process: high temperature sintering
Coating Composition: Platinum Pt
Precious metal coating amount: 0.25-5 μm
Use environment pH value: 2-12
Coating features: Platinum and titanium substrates are firmly combined, with stable performance, high output current density, low loss, and long life.
Product shape: net, plate, tube, rod, wire, etc., or special-shaped material
Anode current density: 2.0A/cm2;
Bonding force: filter paper wipes the surface of the electrode plate, the filter paper has no foreign matter
Uniformity test: X-ray fluorescence spectrometer≤10%
Main use: hydrogen-rich water cup, hydrogen-rich water cup water machine, electrolysis water cup
Advantages of titanium anode for hydrogenation cup/hydrogen water machine: strong corrosion resistance, long working life; DSA size is stable, electrode does not dissolve; high current density, low working voltage; low energy consumption, high production capacity; DSA light weight, can reduce labor intensity ; The base metal titanium can be used repeatedly.

Precautions for use:

1. Pay attention to protecting the surface of the coating, and strictly prevent scratches, collisions, and abrasions during transportation, installation, and use. The impact of oil, strong corrosive substances, and deformation on the titanium electrode should be prevented.
2. To prevent the short circuit of the cathode and anode plates, do not arrange the electrodes in the opposite direction.
3. Operate in strict accordance with the process specifications. Excessive current, high voltage, sudden power failure, high solution concentration, temperature, impurity ions and other factors will affect the use effect of the coated titanium electrode.