Do you know Salt Chlorinators? Do you know what its core components are? Do you know MMO Titanium Anode? Do you know the relationship between Salt Chlorinators and MMO Titanium Anode?

Salt Chlorinators consists of MMO Titanium anode plate, and MMO

In fact, we (BAOJI HIGHSTAR TITANIUM METAL) are a professional manufacturer and exporter of titanium anode products. Our titanium anode products have a wide range of applications, including swimming pool disinfection, fruit and vegetable treatment, sodium hypochlorite disinfection instrument, various sewage and wastewater treatment. , cathodic protection, electroplating and so on.

mmo titanium anode Salt Chlorinators

Today, we mainly introduce titanium electrodes used in swimming pool disinfection. In swimming pool disinfection, our titanium electrodes are the core components of Salt Chlorinators. Generally, we provide titanium electrodes of different specifications, and then customers assemble them, which will also save costs.

titanium anode plate ruthenium-iridium-coated titanium electrodes

Generally speaking, customers will choose ruthenium-coated titanium electrodes or ruthenium-iridium-coated titanium electrodes according to their needs. Of course, in general, both of them are acceptable, but there are also some differences in price and effect, so generally Recommendations and selections are made based on various factors.

BAOJI HIGHSTAR TITANIUM METAL, as a professional manufacturer of titanium electrodes, also has a professional quality control system for mass production orders from customers;
For the MMO Titanium Anode Used for Salt Chlorinators, we have the following areas to follow in full:

1. Strictly follow customer drawings and required tolerances for substrate cutting;
2. We will replace the blade of the cutting machine regularly to ensure that there will be no burrs around the titanium electrode;
3. For the selected titanium plate substrate, we will choose rough surface treatment to improve the bonding strength between the titanium substrate and the precious metal coating. So that the precious metal coating can be effectively attached to the surface of the titanium substrate;
4. For sample supply and bulk order, we will provide competitive price;
5. If there is any quality problem with the product, we will provide a lifetime free replacement service;

Any inquiries about titanium electrode items, please feel free to contact us.