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The overcoating of titanium anode products refers to the overcoating and repairing of the coating after the anode has passed the service life when the substrate is not damaged. This is very common in the electrode industry, so that the substrate can be obtained. The appearance of the anode after secondary use and overcoating is not only beautiful and smooth, but also the performance is basically the same as that of the new product.

Common types of overcoated titanium anodes are: titanium plate, titanium rod, titanium mesh, titanium tube, etc.
Common overcoating substrates: common titanium substrates, a small amount of niobium
Common overcoated anode sample fields: copper foil generation, aluminum foil generation, electrolytic smelting, water treatment, chlor-alkali and metal recovery, etc.

Types of coating overcoating: mixed precious metal oxide coating, Ru-Ir coating, Ir-Ta coating, Pt coating, etc.

Common titanium anode overcoating process:
Alkaline cleaning, substrate repair, sandblasting, pickling, secondary sandblasting, secondary pickling, water washing, brushing, drying, sintering, and cycle brushing, drying and sintering as required, until the desired result is achieved. (Generally, the coating thickness reaches 8-10um)

The purpose of alkaline cleaning is to remove the original coating residue on the surface of the substrate and retain the original surface of the substrate.

What reasons are not recommended for repainting?

1- If the influence of the titanium substrate is too great, the damage is serious, it cannot be repaired or the repair is too difficult, re-coating is not recommended;

2- If the original titanium substrate is too thin, recoating is not recommended;

3- If the shipping cost is too high, recoating is not recommended;

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