Product: Titanium anode mesh with Ru-Ir coating
Coating Thickness: 8-10um
Quantity: 9 pieces
Application: Water treatment

Titanium anode mesh with Ru-Ir coating

Do you know Ru-Ir titanium electrodes?

The cost of Ru-Ir titanium electrode is one third of that of Ir-Ta titanium electrode. Therefore, in general applications, such as: chlor-alkali, sodium hypochlorite generator, sodium chlorate, electrolysis of salt water, water treatment and other fields, ruthenium is selected Iridium titanium electrode, because ruthenium has strong electrocatalytic activity among platinum group elements.

The coating thickness of our Ru-Ir titanium electrode is 8-10um, with good electrolysis effect and long service life. If you have any questions, please contact us, thank you.