Titanium anode device for sodium hypochlorite generator is mainly used for bacteria-containing sewage treatment, electroplating cyanide-containing wastewater treatment, and can also be used for swimming pools, domestic drinking water, domestic sewage disinfection, food processing plant environment and tableware and drinking utensils in restaurants and public canteens disinfect. With the development of my country’s construction, this small chlorine generation device will play a non-negligible role in my country’s environmental protection projects, water treatment and disinfection processes, etc.

ruthenium-iridium coating MMO Ruthenium Iridium Coated Titanium Electrode Plate

The sodium hypochlorite disinfectant solution is produced by electrolysis method, no chemicals are added, and it is produced as needed. To generate a relatively stable sodium hypochlorite solution, the selection of electrode materials is particularly critical. Electrode groups with titanium-based metal mixed oxide coatings are generally used.

sacrificial anode for iron sacrificial cathode mmo wire anode

Anode Material Selection:

The anode material can be coated titanium anode or mixed oxide coated titanium anode, which has a long service life. The overpotential of this coated titanium anode is also relatively low, the chlorine evolution current efficiency is high, and the energy saving effect is good. Titanium anodes for sodium hypochlorite generators mostly use platinum, iridium-ruthenium alloys and titanium platinum-plated anodes.

The electrolytic sodium hypochlorite series electrode products produced by HS METAL can achieve the effect of improving the use efficiency of salt and prolonging the service life of the anode.

mixed metal oxide electrode cathodic protection station

The main technical parameters

titanium anode plate titanium anode

mmo titanium anode mmo titanium anode material

Capacity: 1KG/H
Positive electrode material: plated with ruthenium and iridium
Voltage: 30-60V (can be customized)
Current: 1280-1500A (can be customized)