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MMO Titanium Anode Coated Titanium Anode Classification

MMO DSA Titanium Anode

According to the gas evolution of the anode in the electrochemical reaction, the precipitation is called chlorine-evolving anode, such as ruthenium-coated titanium electrode; the oxygen-evolving anode is called oxygen-evolving anode, such as iridium-coated titanium electrode and platinum titanium mesh/plate.

1. Chlorine evolution anode (ruthenium-coated titanium electrode): the chloride ion content in the electrolyte is high, generally in the environment of hydrochloric acid, electrolysis of seawater, and electrolysis of salt water.

2. Oxygen evolution anode (iridium-coated titanium electrode): The electrolyte is generally a sulfuric acid environment.

3. Platinum-plated anode: The precious metal platinum is plated on the surface of the titanium substrate. The thickness of the coating is generally 0.2-5um, and the mesh of the platinum-titanium electrode is generally 12.5×4.5mm or 6×3.5mm.

Applications of MMO Titanium Anode Coated Titanium Anode

MMO Titanium Anode Plate

1. Industrial wastewater treatment:

sacrificial cathode mmo wire anode  MMO titanium electrode

oil field wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater, leather wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, metallurgical wastewater, etc., can effectively degrade COD, ammonia nitrogen, and greatly reduce the concentration of organic pollutants.

2. Extraction of non-ferrous metals by electrolytic method:

Electrolysis water treatment

Electrolytic metallurgy occupies a large proportion in the hydrometallurgical industry. The non-ferrous metals produced by electrolytic metallurgy include Zn, Cd, Cu, Mn, Co, Ni, etc. Coated titanium electrodes have been widely used in the field of electrolytic extraction of metals in recent years, which can obtain high-purity metals and recover useful metals.

3. Cathodic protection is used in the following fields:

ICCP cathodic protection Titanium anode for cathodic protection

1) In fresh water and sea water, prevent corrosion of ships, docks, platforms, gates and cooling equipment.

2) In alkali and salt solutions, prevent the corrosion of storage tanks, evaporation tanks, boiling alkali pots, etc.

3) In soil and sea mud, prevent corrosion of pipelines and cables.

4) In the reinforced concrete structure, the impressed current cathodic protection has a good effect.