Shown in the picture is a titanium anode assembly produced for a customer, consisting of 4 cathodes (uncoated) and 3 anodes (ruthenium-iridium double-coated).
The size is made according to the drawings sent by the customer.

MMO Titanium Anode Assemblies for Water Treatment Industry

We are also able to produce a variety of coatings, such as ruthenium oxide coating, iridium coating, iridium tantalum coating, platinum coating and other mixed oxide coatings, mainly according to different customer needs for coating selection and size selection , if you have used it before, please send us your drawings, we can make a quotation according to your specific requirements, if you have not used it before, please send us the detailed use environment and other requirements, our engineers will Design suitable titanium electrode products for you according to the situation, of course, if necessary, we will also customize free samples for you to test (free samples and free shipping)

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