Substrate: Titanium (Gr1 TA1)
Coating: Ruthenium/Iridium and other precious metal oxides
Shape: grid, plane, tube, rod… (customizable)
Manufacturing process: Nano coating-high temperature sintering
Coating thickness: 8um or more
Chlorine evolution potential: <1.13V
Polarizability: ≤40mV
Enhanced life: current density 20KA/m² time ≥ 60H
Working current density: ≤750A/m²

industrial wastewater treatment

The ruthenium-iridium coating developed by Baoji Highstar has stable performance, low chlorine evolution potential, low energy consumption, uniform coating and long life.

typical application:

mmo coating

Industrial water treatment, seawater electrolysis, swimming pool disinfection, electrodialysis, chlor-alkali industry, electrolysis of chlorine, electrolysis of drinking water, food disinfection machine…

chlor-alkali industry

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