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The core accessory of the sodium chlorate generator is the electrolytic cell, which directly determines the effective chlorine concentration, chlorine output, output and other important factors.

BAOJI HIGHSTAR relies on years of experience in the research and development and production of electrocatalytic electrolytic cells. The core titanium electrode of the electrolytic cell has been continuously improved by our technical department for many years, and the corrosion resistance, electrocatalytic activity, service life, etc. . And through the improved electrolytic cell structure design, the electrolysis efficiency is increased to more than 85%. Even if it is used in a low-salt environment, it can still maintain a high electrolysis efficiency.

titanium anode titanium cathode mesh plate gr1 gr2 gr5 gr7 gr9 (15)


1. The effective chlorine output is 300g/h (the rest can also be customized)
2. DC voltage: DC/V≤20V±5%
3. DC current: DC/A≤84A±20%
4. Salt concentration: 2-5%
5. Flow: 30L/h—-35L/h
7. Other accessories: special sodium hypochlorite electrolytic cell, circulating pump, dissolved salt tank, storage tank, etc.
8. This model is a simple device, economical, easy to operate, and low maintenance cost in the later period.
9. If you need the control system and other configurations, it can also be customized.

Can be applied to:
1. Production and preparation of sodium hypochlorite disinfection solution
2. Industrial wastewater treatment
3. Waterworks
4. Municipal sewage treatment
5. Disinfection of breeding and animal husbandry
6. Other occasions requiring disinfection