Recently, our company has been urgently producing titanium anode products, especially mmo coating (including ruthenium-iridium coating and iridium-tantalum coating) and platinum coating. Of course, the most recently produced titanium anode coating is still mmo coating, but as we have done I understand that the price of iridium metal has been increasing since half a year ago. So far, the price increase has tended to be flat, but it is also more than three times the price before the increase.

Even if the price increases, we will still give our regular customers the best price, at least lower than the market price, of course, we will still maintain the quality of our electrodes. After all, companies that have been producing titanium electrodes for more than 20 years will not keep prices because of Instead of giving up the quality of our mmo coating titanium anode.

The following electrodes are the titanium electrode components that our old customers have recently continued to customize. Good price, good quality, welcome to cooperate.