MMO coated titanium anodes are the titanium anode products that our company produces and exports the most, MMO coated anodes, MMO is the abbreviation of Mixed Metal Oxide. It is an insoluble anode, which is coated with a ruthenium or iridium series noble metal oxide on a titanium substrate or other corrosion-resistant materials through a special process, so that it has good electrocatalytic activity and conductivity (titanium itself has poor conductivity) . The gas evolved from the anode in the electrochemical reaction can be divided into two types: chlorine evolution and oxygen evolution.

Titanium-coated ruthenium anodes belong to chlorine evolution anodes, and are generally used in hydrochloric acid, seawater electrolysis, and salt water electrolysis environments; such as ruthenium-iridium anodes, ruthenium-iridium-tin anodes, etc.

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Titanium-coated iridium-based anodes belong to oxygen-evolving anodes, and are generally used in a sulfuric acid environment, such as iridium-tantalum anodes and iridium-tantalum-coated titanium anodes.

MMO coated titanium anodesIs titanium an anode or cathode Mixed Metal Oxide

There is also a platinum-plated titanium anode, also known as platinum-titanium electrode, platinum electrode, platinum-plated anode, etc. It is based on titanium, and the surface is coated with a layer of platinum-based precious metals.

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