Mmo anode for sale,SAMPLE AS FOLLOWS:

1.Titanium anode assembly, 60*170*1mm, titanium mesh anode assembly, 2 anodes are connected to one terminal, 3 cathodes are connected to another terminal

mmo anode for salemmo anode for salemmo anode for sale

2.Titanium anode ,dia45*1mm ,anode is Ru-Ir coating;cathode is uncoating


titanium anode

titanium anode titanium anode


Titanium anode assembly


Ru-Ir coating

Product details description:

It consists of 6pcs titanium anodes mesh (Ru-Ir coating/600*100*1mm) and 7 pcs Titanium cathode mesh (no coatings/600*100*1mm).

6pcs titanium anodes mesh connected to one terminal, and 7pcs titanium cathodes mesh connected to another terminal.