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Ruthenium iridium titanium electrode features:

1. High anti-corrosion performance, good inverted performance.

2. High current efficiency and extremely low energy consumption compared to graphite anodes.

3. Long working life, in the chlor-alkali industry, the service life is more than 8 years.

4. After the electrode is deactivated, the substrate can be reused.

sacrificial anode materialsacrificial cathode mmo wire anode
sacrificial anode for ironmixed metal oxide electrode
cathodic protection stationIridium oxide anode plate for electrodeposition of non-ferrous metals

Chlor-alkali industry test data:

1. Chlorine evolution potential: ≤1.13v

2. Chlorine evolution polarizability: ≤40mv

3. Enhanced life: ≥3000min Current density 10000A/m2

Ruthenium Titanium Electrode Application areas:

Chlor-alkali industry, diaphragm method alkali production, chlorate industry, electrolytic production of chlorine dioxide, acid water electrolysis, electrolytic seawater chlorine production, sterilization and algae killing of circulating water in power plants, chloride system electrowinning of metals, ionized water electrolysis, electrodialysis, etc.