As one of the key indicators of nickel-titanium alloy superelasticity, the actual operating Af temperature is often used to evaluate the effective performance of superelasticity. ASTM F2063-12 stipulates that the nickel content is 54.5 ~ 57.0mass%, but because the actual operating Af temperature is very sensitive to the composition, it is extremely important to subdivide the composition of the nickel-titanium alloy.
Here is specific information about nitinol wire

delivery status:

● Straightening Superelastic State (SE)
● Cold working condition (CW), requiring subsequent heat treatment

surface condition

● Black surface oxidation state
● Lightly oxidized (from golden yellow to brown)
● clean state
● Bright state
● Super bright state
● ground state

Production specifications

0.05mm or more

Packaging of silk

● I-shaped wheel: ensure that the nickel-titanium wire is evenly distributed on the packaging tray, without breakage and disordered lines;
● Fixed-length: can be cut into fixed-length according to customer needs;
● Frame wire

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