Base metal : Gr1/Gr2
Coating oxide: IrO2+Ta2O5+X
Current density range: <15000A/M
Precious metal content: ≥20g/m
Sulfuric acid concentration range: <60%
Temperature range: <80°C
Fluoride ion content <50mg/L
Ph value: 1-12

Lanthanide titanium-based metal oxide titanium anode
a. The base is mainly made of industrial pure titanium, which can be processed into any shape and size with high precision, and the size is stable during use. That is, the electrode equipment can be stably operated under a constant voltage for a long time, and the high purity of the product can be ensured.
b. Low oxygen evolution potential, compared with traditional anodes, energy saving effect is obvious, and life is long.
c. After the active layer is deactivated, it can be recoated and the substrate can be reused.

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