Titanium materials are also widely used in medical applications. The development of current medical titanium alloys can be divided into three generations.
The first generation is an α-type titanium alloy represented by pure titanium;
The second generation is an α+β titanium alloy represented by Ti-5Al-2.5Fe and Ti-6Al-7Nb;
The third generation is the new β-type titanium alloy.

medical titanium

In recent years, with the titaniumization of human implants and instruments centered on orthopedics and dentistry, medical titanium has rapidly increased.

Typical application examples of titanium are:
Dental: dental implants, orthopedics, root implants and auxiliary devices;
Artificial joint and fracture internal fixation equipment: artificial shoulder joint, elbow joint, total hip joint, half hip joint, knee joint, ankle joint, wrist joint and finger joint.

Cortical bone and cancellous bone compression screws of various specifications, spinal nails, bone traction wires, artificial vertebral bodies and skull plates, etc.;

Cardiovascular system: sensors, housings with implanted electrodes and alloy wires, stainless steel artificial heart valves, vasodilator stents, etc.;

Others: such as ophthalmic sutures, artificial eye leads, orbital fillings, fixation rings, etc.

The following is the detailed information of titanium products, if necessary, please download:

Titanium Trauma LCP fixation system

Titanium Maxillofacial implants and instruments

Titanium Cranial implants and instruments

Titanium Cerclage wire(Titanium cable system)


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