Ir-Ta coated electrode is an oxygen-proof electrode, mainly used for oxygen release reaction, especially suitable for acidic electrolyte, such as a certain concentration of sulfuric acid electrolyte, ultra-low oxygen, can be used for oxygen evolution, and also resistant to chlorine corrosion, can be used Electrolysis of oxygen and chlorine, such as seawater electrolysis. It is an electrode material with good oxygen release reaction in acidic medium. The electrode materials available in such an environment are limited. The coated electrode has been applied to organic electrolysis, such as cysteine, glyoxylic acid, succinic acid, etc., and can be used for Cr3++→Cr6+ electrolysis of indirect oxidation of organic electrolysis, and sewage treatment is used for oxidizing organic substances and toxic substances in water. Such as CN – conversion. It can also be used in the electroplating industry as an auxiliary electrode, such as an auxiliary anode for Cr plating, an auxiliary anode for electrolytic copper, an auxiliary anode for electrolytic zinc, an auxiliary anode for cathodic protection, and the like.
Mainly used in electrolytic electrowinning of cobalt and nickel. It is mainly used to replace titanium platinized anodes with higher cost: the coating price is about 5000~6000 yuan/square meter. Among them, current density, pole spacing, and working fluid properties must be considered.