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Titanium anodes for cathodic protection are commonly used in two shapes:

1. Titanium anode tube (as shown in the video, the general size is 25*1*1000mm)

Titanium Electrodes for Cathodic Protection

Tubular anode application: auxiliary anode for impressed current cathodic protection
Tubular anode size: φ25, φ30, φ32, φ50×1000/1200/1500mm
Use environment: sea water, fresh water, sand, concrete, etc.
Design life: 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years, 70 years
Coating Type: Ruthenium Iridium Mixed Oxide, Iridium Tantalum Mixed Oxide
Cable type: There are commonly used cables, if there are special requirements, it can be customized in advance.

2. Titanium anode strip (6.35*0.635mm and 12.7*0.9mm)

Application Environment:
A: Good sandy soil environment
B: In the environment of chlorine evolution, oxygen evolution or a mixture of the two
C: Usually used in tank bottoms and reinforced concrete structures

We are a professional manufacturer of titanium electrodes, the application range includes impressed current cathodic protection, mmo cathodic protection titanium anode tubes, electrolysis of seawater to make chlorine-titanium electrodes, titanium anodes for electrolysis of sodium hypochlorite, platinized titanium electrodes for electrolysis of hydrogen-rich water, electrolytic disinfection Titanium electrode sheet, industrial wastewater electrolysis desalination titanium electrode plate, titanium electrode rod for water heater, titanium electrode for seawater desalination, cyclone electrolysis, cooling water treatment, circulating water descaling ruthenium iridium titanium electrode, Titanium electrode for electrolytic copper extraction, Titanium electrode for sodium hypochlorite generator, titanium electrode for copper electrodeposition, etc.

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