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Titanium-based platinum-plated electrode, also known as platinum electrode or platinum-plated titanium electrode, combines the excellent electrochemical properties of platinum metal and the high corrosion resistance of titanium metal. It is an insoluble anode and can be electroplated. The surface of the material is plated with platinum, which can be fully plated or partially plated, or can be coated with precious metal materials on the titanium substrate by high temperature coating.

Application areas of platinum-coated titanium anodes

Platinum titanium anode product features:

1. High current efficiency;
2. Excellent corrosion resistance;

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3. The electrode has a long service life;
4. The electrode substrate can be reused many times;
6. Can withstand higher current density.

platinum titanium anodes produced

Application areas of platinum-coated titanium anodes:

1. Non-ferrous metal production and recycling:
2. Electrodeposition produces copper, nickel, and diamond, and electrolysis produces high-purity metals;
3. Electroplating: precious metal electroplating (gold, silver, rhodium, platinum and ruthenium), surface electroless copper, nickel, zinc, pot, chrome electroplating, printed circuit board electroless plating;
4. Metal recovery: electroplating solution wastewater treatment;
5. Electrochemical synthesis: electrolysis of plum water, desalination of sea water, overproduction, regeneration of oxidants, treatment of radioactive pollutants;
6. Cathodic protection: cathodic protection of pipelines, cathodic protection of heat exchangers, coastal steel structures, water pipelines and seawater pump valves

platinum titanium mesh, platinum titanium plate, platinum titanium rod

Platinum titanium electrode product series:

Platinum mesh electrode, platinum sheet electrode, platinum rod electrode, platinum wire electrode (minimum diameter 1 mm), platinum-coated tubular electrode, etc., can also be designed according to user needs;

Plating thickness: 0.5 to 12 microns;
Applicable PH value: 0.1 ~ 14; according to the user’s use;
Surface color: silver white, metallic luster;
Operating current density: <10000A/sqm;
Electrode substrate: pure titanium TA1/TA2.

platinum coated titanium mesh

BAOJI HIGHSTAR TITANIUM METAL is a platinum titanium anode manufacturer with many years of experience in electrode material technology. The platinum titanium anodes produced have high current efficiency, good electrical conductivity, good electrocatalytic performance and long working life.

Platinum titanium anode series products include: platinum titanium mesh, platinum titanium plate, platinum titanium rod, etc.