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In the field of electrochemistry, platinum is used as an anode material, and its performance is excellent, especially in the electrochemical anode oxygen evolution process in an acidic medium, platinum has excellent anti-oxidation properties and electrocatalytic properties. In many important electrochemical production fields, such as the production of hydrogen peroxide and ammonium persulfate, platinum is used as the anode material. However, platinum resources are scarce and expensive. In order to reduce costs and maintain the excellent performance of platinum anodes, researches on replacing pure platinum electrode products with platinum-plated anode materials have achieved good results.

The platinum-plated titanium anode is a titanium-based platinum-plating process, and a layer of pure platinum coating is deposited on the surface of the titanium. The process flow of the platinum-plated titanium anode is as follows:

Pretreatment of titanium sheet → electric cleaning → water washing → activation → distilled water washing → electric brush platinum plating → distilled water washing → drying

After innovative research and development, HS METAL has customized a variety of platinum-coated titanium anode platinum-titanium electrode products for customers in various fields.

Platinum plated anode meshPlatinum coated titanium anode manufacturers (6)

1. The basic specifications are as follows:

1. Substrate: Titanium (Gr1, Gr2)

2. Shape: mesh, plate, tube or customized according to customer needs

3. Current density: < 8000 A/m2

4. Production process: electroplating or brush plating

5. Coating material: platinum (purity 99.99%)

6. Thickness of platinum layer: 0.5-20 μm

Electrode for hydrogen-rich water cup The platinum-titanium anodemmo titanium anode for sodium hypochlorite generator Electrolytic Disinfector (9)
titanium anodeElectrode material for electrolysis water disinfection

2. Platinum-plated titanium anode, platinum-titanium mesh, platinum electrode application fields:

Electrodeposition of metals, galvanizing of steel sheets, electrolytic production of ionized water, electrolytic chemical preparation of perchlorate and hypochlorite, electroplating industry, cathodic protection, seawater desalination, organic electrolytic synthesis, descaling and sterilization, etc.

The platinum-coated titanium anode produced by HS METAL, the platinum-titanium electrode, the platinum-titanium mesh electrode, has strong corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, high stability, and can be used in various media and has a lower cost than pure gold and pure platinum anodes, but it has similar Electrochemical performance, high output current density, uniform conductivity and low loss.

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