Electrolytic water treatment principle of operation: through electrolysis, electrical energy is converted into chemical energy to produce redox reactions near the electrodes in the electrolytic cell, thus making the wastewater purification process.

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This water treatment method includes direct redox on the electrode surface and indirect redox (using chemical products generated near the electrode to react chemically with substances in the water), and electro-flotation (using the floating of tiny bubbles generated during electrolysis).

The oxidation effect of the anode is used to cause the oxidation reaction of organic substances or reduced inorganic substances in the wastewater that are difficult to degrade, so that the pollutants are oxidized to less harmful substances.

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Using the reduction effect of cathode can make the harmful metals in wastewater directly reduced to metals, or convert toxic high-valent metals into low-toxic low-valent metal ions.

Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal Co.,Ltd has been dedicated to the research and development of electrocatalytic electrode materials for many years, providing customers with titanium anodes for industrial wastewater treatment to meet their actual production requirements.

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Because different customers have more types of wastewater, more complicated organic content and concentration, the treatment process is not the same.
Therefore, the corresponding type of electrode material should be selected according to the specific type of treated wastewater, and it is recommended to do the test first. You can contact us to provide you with test samples to see the treatment effect first.

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Or, we look forward to your sharing the following four pieces of information to Our Email (anber@bjhighstar.com)
We will provide you with the most suitable titanium electrode.

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1) What is the composition of your current solution? What is the content of titanium chloride ions?
2) What is the current density you are using?
3. do you have drawings?
What is the life expectancy of titanium electrodes? We usually divide it into 3 years and 5 years.

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