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Titanium anode material used in electrolysis of seawater for chlorine production or electrodialysis equipment. This kind of electrode material is required to be resistant to both oxidation and reduction, that is to say, it can be used as both an anode and a cathode, but general electrode materials cannot meet this requirement. For example, using graphite electrodes will be very bad and corroded, and the working life will be shorter. At present, the ideal electrode is a multi-component metal anode containing iridium, which can not only meet the requirements of electrode inversion, but also have low overpotential, power-saving performance, and a longer service life than ordinary ruthenium-titanium coatings. The metal anode is long.

Titanium electrode materials produced by HS METAL suitable for electrolysis seawater environment are specially formulated with oxide coating formulations and product processing technology suitable for seawater environment use, with stronger corrosion resistance and longer service life, and can be designed for reverse use. Slow down the phenomenon of electrode plate structure.

ruthenium-titanium coatings

Advantages of mmo titanium anodes for seawater desalination:

MMO Titanium Electrodes

1. High current efficiency and good energy saving effect
2. Excellent corrosion resistance
3. After the active layer is deactivated, it can be repainted and the substrate can be reused

mmo titanium anodes for seawater desalination
4. The electrode has a long service life
5. Titanium electrodes are light in weight and have good dimensional stability
6. Can be made into any complex shape and size to meet actual needs